Justo "We On" - ***New Music Alert***

We had the opportunity of getting a first listen to Justo's new single early. The entitle track "We On" is definitely a club banger. Featuring City 3000, Sancho Sauce and Chedda Da Connect, will make you want to pop a few bottles with ya crew, flick the wrist and ball out LOL.  Dont believe me, Take a listen below.

Texans Release Andre Johnson

The Texans have released Andre Johnson, ending the star wide receiver's 12-year tenure in Houston.
The Texans previously had given Johnson permission to seek a trade, while the seven-time Pro Bowler asked the team to release him.
Johnson had two years remaining on his contract and would have counted for $16.1 million against the Texans' salary cap in 2015. Houston saved $8.825 million in cap space by releasing him before June 1.
"After exhausting all options of a possible trade, we informed Andre Johnson that he would be released today, Texans general manager Rick Smith said in a statement. "No player in the history of this franchise has represented the team, city and community in a more professional way. Andre is a Hall of Fame caliber player and we appreciate his years of service and contributions to our team."
After spending his entire career as a featured receiver in the Texans' offense, Johnson's role on the team was set to change. Rather than accept that, he requested to be traded or released.
Before the move Monday, Johnson told ESPN's Josina Anderson that he was "not worried" about being released.
"It's just the nature of the business," he told Anderson. "I'm not really worried about it. I will go somewhere else and play, and hopefully I can do well for them."
The 2014 season saw Johnson's production dip as second-year receiver DeAndre Hopkinsemerged. Hopkins notched his first 1,000-yard NFL season, while Johnson caught 85 passes for 936 yards.
In each of the previous two seasons, Johnson had caught more than 100 passes, for 1,407 and 1,598 yards.
"I have so much respect for Andre Johnson and what he's meant to this organization," Texans coach Bill O'Brien said. "Andre carried himself as a true professional and did everything that we asked him to do. Andre will go down as one of the best receivers to every play this game. We are thankful for what he has done for our organization and wish him well on his future playing career."
Johnson was the longest-tenured player for the Texans, having been drafted third overall in 2003, the expansion franchise's second draft. Since then, he has become the best offensive player in the history of a franchise that lacked stability at quarterback. In his time with the Texans, he has caught 1,012 passes on 1,599 targets for 13,597 yards.
According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Johnson is one of four players in NFL history to play for only one franchise and have 1,000 career receptions. The others are Marvin Harrison (1,102 catches for the Colts), Reggie Wayne (1,070, Colts) and Hines Ward (1,000, Steelers).

SAINTS Trade Jimmy Graham ((VIDEO))

Wiz Disses Amber

Not so subtle. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are not on good terms. The couple, who shocked fans when they announced they were divorcing this past September, have already blasted each other on social media, and now, Khalifa seemingly disses his son Sebastian’s mom in Juicy J’s new track “For Everybody."
The rapper, who appears on the track along with Rock City, raps: “I fell in love with a stripper / Funny thing is I fell back out of love quicker / They don't pay attention to the love anyway / They only concerned with what the haters say / Bottles be turning these girls into thots / Instagram turning these wifes into hos.” (In case you didn’t know, Rose used to strip under the pseudonym “Paris" until she was 15.) 
Rose was first to file for divorce from the artist, whom she claims cheated on her multiple times. "It's like 'Dude that's not you.' That's not my husband. That's not the man that I know. Wiz isn't a bad guy. He has great spirit, that's why I married him. People make mistakes,” Rose said during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club in February, after the show’s host brought up Khalifa’s alleged infidelity.
Khalifa, who is dad to their 2-year-old son Sebastian, then denied the claims. “Anyone who really knows me knows that I never cheated on Amber,” he tweeted following her interview. “I always kept my views on family and stability clear and stood by them just as I do anything else I feel strongly about. I feel like it’s my responsibility to make sure you have the truth and aren't misguided so we can all move like bosses."

Johnson says "Goodbye Houston"

After serving as the face of the Houston Texans through much of his 12 seasons with the franchise, Andre Johnson is prepared to start over with a new team.
Johnson's agent has been permitted to seek a trade, and the wide receiver will be waived if one cannot be found, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday. The Texans earlier informed the 33-year-old wide receiver that he would have a reduced role next season, Johnson told the Chronicle.
"If we were living in a perfect world, you know I'd want to finish my career here, but, unfortunately, that's not what's going to happen," Johnson said. "You just have to move forward."
Kennard McGuire, Johnson's agent, told ESPN that the seven-time Pro Bowl selection is ready to part ways with the Texans.
"Time has come," McGuire said. "It has been a great run, but as you know in the sports world, there is a shelf life. He looks forward to challenging for a Super Bowl."
Johnson posted a message to his Instagram page on Monday night thanking fans for their support.
After hauling in 221 catches for 3,005 yards over the previous two years, Johnson recorded 85 catches for 936 yards with the Texans in 2014. The prospect of a reduced role did not sit well with him.
"I don't know how you tell a guy who catches 85 balls that he'll only probably catch 40," Johnson told the Chronicle. "I feel like the role they were trying to put me in I'd be held back from maximizing my talents. I feel like that was the best thing for both sides.
"Why sit there and be miserable when I can go somewhere else and be able to show my talents."
Johnson has two years remaining on his contract.
"I was just made aware of this whole situation today," Johnson said. "I haven't really had time to really find out anything else.
"My biggest thing right now is just trying to get everything finalized with the Texans and then move forward."

Stand Off: 2Chainz VS Nancy Grace **VIDEO**

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz went head-to-head with HLN host Nancy Grace over the legalization of marijuana in this country. Grace opened the segment by chastising 2 Chainz’s video for “Birthday Song” and then asked her guest how he could support decriminalizing weed after hearing about stories of parents apparently making their children smoke cannabis.
“From the story I just heard you talk about, they had alcohol included which we all know causes you to black out, forget things and have memory loss,” responded Chainz. “I don’t think you can put an umbrella on the whole community off these few incidents that you just named.”
Grace then addresses what she sees as the Def Jam artist’s lyrics advocating a “different kind of lifestyle” that little children should not be exposed to. Chainz told the former attorney that people need to “govern their own household.”
After being told to watch a video of a mother making her daughter smoke marijuana, Chainz said, “I feel like [the mother] was irresponsible, a bonehead. That was an imbecile move. Anybody that loves their kid, definitely knows not to put them in harm’s way. So I don’t agree with that at all. She may have mental issues. It might be something deeper than a joint.”
2 Chainz also connects the legalization of pot to the criminal justice system and taxation. He points out the fact that many convicted felons are now unable to get loans just because of arrests for weed related charges. Grace even agrees with him about the “waste of tax payers money” in his own personal legal situation over .01 residue of marijuana.

Nicki Ex BF Problems

Nicki Minaj started a media firestorm last summer when the Young Money rapper used her acceptance speech at the 2014 BET Awards to let the world know “when you hear Nicki Minaj spit, Nicki Minaj wrote it.” Many observers took the statement as a subliminal shot at Iggy Azalea, or at the very least it was a public declaration that Nicki does not need help writing her rhymes.
According to her ex-boyfriend, that’s not true. Safaree “SB” Samuels stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club this week, and during the interview he told the audience he regularly assisted Nicki in her writing process.
“When you try to pull me down and discredit what I’ve done for you – that’s what’s weak to me,” said Safaree. “Don’t say, ‘I don’t have no talent.’ Because every time it came to writing raps and doing music – it was me, her, and a beat. She doesn’t do it by herself. It’s me and her.”
When co-host Charlamagne Tha God brought up the time Nicki “s**tted on” other people for not writing their own lyrics at the BET Awards, SB just remained quiet. He did add that all artists get help crafting songs in the studio.
Nicki has been insistent throughout her career that she writes all her own material. When a dust-up with New Jersey emcee Ransom took place in 2013 over perceived claims he wrote for Nicki before she was famous, the leader of the Barbz responded by saying, “I’m undisputed, because I’m the only female rapper that day one – I don’t need no motherf**king ghostwriter.”
For years there had been speculation that Safaree worked closely with Nicki on her music. But this is the first time SB has publicly announced his direct involvement in co-writing the YMCMB entertainer’s rhymes.

RIP: Stuart Scott of ESPN

Courtesy of ESPN.com

Stuart Scott, a longtime anchor at ESPN, died Sunday morning at the age of 49.
Among the features of the new ESPN studio in Bristol is a wall of catchphrases made famous by on-air talent over the years. An amazing nine of them belong to one man -- from his signature "Boo-Yah!" to "As cool as the other side of the pillow" to "He must be the bus driver cuz he was takin' him to school."
That man is Stuart Scott, and his contributions to the sports lexicon are writ large. But they are only one aspect of his legacy. When he passed away, he left behind so much more. He inspired his colleagues with his sheer talent, his work ethic and his devotion to his daughters, Taelor, 19, and Sydni, 15. He defied convention and criticism to help bring this network into a new century. He spoke to the very athletes he was talking about with a flair and a style that ESPN President John Skipper says, "changed everything."
"He didn't just push the envelope," says NBC commentator and former ESPN anchor Dan Patrick. "He bulldozed it."
And he saved his best for his last year on the air. At the ESPYs on July 16, shortly before his 49th birthday and following another round of cancer surgery, Stuart accepted the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance with strength, humor, grace and these eloquent words: "When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live."
So while the grief is deep at ESPN over the death of Stuart Scott, so is our gratitude. He was as popular on-campus as he was in the airports he passed through and on the sidelines he worked over the last 22 years. He brought so much to the party, and he will continue to do so, through the people he inspired, and the language that he liberated, and the audience that will remember him.

Fab, The 90's Golden Era

When it comes to rap, the 1990’s is often held up as the high point of the genre. That time period was also the age of Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Brooklyn rapper Fabolous is one of the individuals that views the 90’s as a time of great achievements in music and sports.

“The 90’s, to me, overall is the ‘golden era’ of everything,” Fab told Hot 97. “I don’t want the young guys to look it at like, ‘You’re hating on this generation.’ Which I’m not. There’s great things about this generation too.”

He went on to add, “They’ll look at their era as the ‘golden era’ even though it’s really not. Because they’re living in it too, and they think that maybe we feel [the 90’s is the ‘golden era’] because we grew up in that era.”
The “Lituation” rhymer then points out that fashion brands like 90’s Jordan sneakers are still successful today. Fab also states that he believes the quality of Hip Hop music was better during that decade and rappers were not making music just about being rich.
“Everybody now raps ‘all about the money.’ There’s ‘don’t call me if it ain’t about the money.’ Everything is so pushed toward the hustle,” said the 37-year-old entertainer. “There were artists [in the 1990’s] talking about money, but there was so much diversity in Hip Hop too. There was gangsta rap. There was backpack rap. There was flashy, flossy rap. There was De La Soul, psychedelic rap. There was all different kinds.”
Fab recently dropped his 6th studio album The Young OG Project. The project is now available on iTunes.

Beans is Alive and Well

The internet is chock-full of garbage sites that are completely bogus and Beanie Sigel is the victim of a shameless “satire.”
A report in circulation has stated that the rapper is died after being shot earlier this month.
The rapper remains in the hospital, but is very much alive.
Freeway, one of Bean’s close friends, set the record straight on social media.
Don’t listen to the rumors @beaniesigelsp is alive & fighting! 

More Stations to Convert To Classic Rap

With listeners having outlets like streaming services and satellite radio to hear the type of music they enjoy the most, the influence of traditional radio stations has declined in recent years. According to a report in the New York Times’ ArtBeat blog, one FM format may be on the rise – classic Hip Hop.
Two months ago, Houston’s “Boom 92” KROI-FM became the first major market station to switch over to only playing songs by Hip Hop stars from the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. Boom’s audience size instantly went from 245,000 to 802,000, and its Nielsen ratings share jumped from 1.0 to 3.2. The channel’s audience did drop 2.6 percent the second month, but it still pulled in 781,000 listeners.
Other stations in Philadelphia and Dallas also saw audience numbers increase after converting to “Classic Hip Hop.” According to the Times report, radio executives are looking to change more stations across the country to the format in 2015.
Boom 92’s playlist includes The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Mo Money Mo Problems,” Warren G & Nate Dogg’s “Regulate,” Eric B & Rakim’s “Paid In Full,” LL Cool J’s “Rock The Bells,” Salt-N-Peppa’s “Push It,” UGK’s “Take It Off,” and 2Pac’s “California Love.”

Lil Wayne to Sue Cash Money

Lil Wayne wants his 11th studio album released now. That’s according to TMZ. The site is claiming to have spoken to sources close to Wayne, and the Young Money leader is supposedly ready to file a lawsuit against Cash Money Records and Bryan “Birdman” Williams to get released from the label if the project is not released soon.
Wayne went on Twitter at the beginning of this month to express his desire to be off Cash Money. The tweets also included the “Believe Me” rapper accusing Birdman of holding C5 back, and he also stated he wanted “nothing to do with these people.”
Apparently, the two longtime associates are currently not speaking to each other. Earlier reports circulated that Birdman was not willing to let Wayne leave Cash Money and his album would be released on a schedule determined by the label.
Meanwhile, Birdman posted a picture on Instagram that included a photo of Wayne’s Tha Carter III in the background. Birdman previously continued to add the hashtag #YMCMB to his IG pics even after the feud with Wayne became public.

Texans DESTROY the Titans

Courtesy of ESPN.com
HOUSTON -- J.J. Watt did it again.
His home crowd showered him with chants of "M-V-P," after a strip sack, fumble recovery and 14-yard return, but the Houston Texans defensive end wasn't finished.
Two plays later, Watt did what has become normal for him. He caught a 1-yard touchdown pass from Texans quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, giving the Texans a 45-14 lead over the Tennessee Titans. It was the sixth touchdown pass Fitzpatrick had thrown in the game, setting a franchise record. The Texans won Sunday's game against the Titans 45-21.
Fitzpatrick also threw for a career-best 358 yards in his first start after being benched the past two games for Ryan Mallett, who suffered a season-ending chest injury last week. 
Watt is now the first defensive lineman since 1944 to have at least five touchdowns in a season. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Watt is the first player with three offensive touchdowns and two defensive scores in a single season -- regardless of position since 1948, when Joe Golding had four touchdown receptions and two interception return scores.
"Never ever, ever, ever becomes old hat," Watt said of scoring touchdowns. "It is a blast. I mean, just to hear the stadium, to see my teammates. Like I said after my first one, there's no greater feeling than scoring a touchdown and seeing your teammates come running over to congratulate you. I mean, those guys got the ball down there. It's the best feeling in the entire world."
According to ESPN Stats & Info, this is Watt's second game in the past three weeks with a forced fumble, fumble recovery and receiving TD. No other player in the past five seasons has one such game.
Watt had three tackles, two sacks, one tackle for loss, six quarterback hits, a forced fumble, fumble recovery and a receiving touchdown against the Titans.
He now has 11.5 sacks this season and five fumble recoveries.
In addition to three offensive touchdowns, Watt has caught an interception that he returned for a touchdown and recovered a fumble that he returned for a touchdown.

Rams Players are Under Fire for Protest Act!

Courtesy of ESPN.com

The five Rams players who entered the field before Sunday's game against the Oakland Raidersin St. Louis with their hands in the air in "don't shoot" poses will not be fined for their actions, NFL and team sources tell ESPN's Chris Mortensen.
The players had used the team's pregame introductions to offer a show of support for nearby Ferguson. As the Rams' offense was introduced, tight endJared Cook and receivers Kenny Britt,Stedman BaileyChris Givens and Tavon Austin stopped near the tunnel and raised their hands in a nod to the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. Some witnesses said Brown had his hands up before being shot. Wilson, who is white, testified to the grand jury that Brown had hit him and reached for his gun.
The St. Louis Police Officers Association called for the players involved to be disciplined and for the Rams and the NFL to deliver a "very public apology," its statement read in part.
"I know that there are those that will say that these players are simply exercising their First Amendment rights," SLPOA business manager Jeff Roorda said in the statement. "Well, I've got news for people who think that way: Cops have First Amendment rights too, and we plan to exercise ours. I'd remind the NFL and their players that it is not the violent thugs burning down buildings that buy their advertiser's products. It's cops and the good people of St. Louis and other NFL towns that do. Somebody needs to throw a flag on this play. If it's not the NFL and the Rams, then it'll be cops and their supporters."
In response, Brian McCarthy, the NFL's VP of communications, released a statement Monday: "We respect and understand the concerns of all individuals who have expressed views on this tragic situation."
"We kind of came collectively together and decided we wanted to do something," Cook said after the Rams' 52-0 victory. "We haven't been able to go down to Ferguson to do anything because we have been busy. Secondly, it's kind of dangerous down there and none of us want to get caught up in anything.
"So we wanted to come out and show our respect to the protests and the people who have been doing a heck of a job around the world."
Earlier this week, the Rams spent time lamenting the fact there wasn't much they could do to help with the unrest in Ferguson. But Cook said he plans to go to Ferguson once things settle down.
"My sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law -- all of them went this past week for Thanksgiving," Cook said. "They came back and reported to me about the things they saw and what was going on around there. Definitely, I will be making a trip to Ferguson."
Britt said he and his teammates were not "taking sides" with their display.
"We wanted to show that we are organized for a great cause and something positive comes out of it," Britt said. "That's what we hope we can make happen. That's our community. We wanted to let the community know that we support the community."
Information from ESPN.com Rams reporter Nick Wagoner is included in this report.

J Metro- BodyGuard ((NEW MUSIC))

The Billboard Charting artist known as J Metro, will be making an even bigger impact with his recent partnering with powerhouse media company Spaced Out Magazine. The partnership will consist of a very precise marketing campaign for the artist and his works as he prepares for new music releases and more!

J Metro will also be releasing a new single entitled “Bodyguard”, through The Orchard/Sony Music Entertainment  distribution platform. With this release set for November, he is gearing up for the first quarter to be his year and time. Being a R&B artist from Houston, TX , J Metro has been making his name known for some time now with the releasing of two albums and several singles that even put him on Billboard Charts. Now focusing on new music and branding himself as a household name he will be making appearances, doing interviews, and having an event for the release of his new single.

Since the release of his hit single “Frosty” it has been considered for a grammy nomination, which J Metro may in fact make an upcoming appearance at. With so much going for the young artist he is expected to feel the shoes of other R&B legends and greats alike before him.

While a Funk/Soul/Jazz base exists, you may recognize influences from nearly every musical genre known to man in his Self-titled debut album “J Metro” which was released on January 25th 2011 featuring the Billboard singles “Alcoholic Logic” and “My People”.

Itunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bodyguard-single/id933393744

Embed Link: Label contact: 404-673-1180