Gymnast Break Leg in Rio Olympics

This is the horrendous moment a French gymnast's Olympics were ended in a single moment after he severely broke his left leg while landing on a vault.

Samir Ait Said's leg snapped as he tried to complete his vault during team preliminaries on Saturday, with the sound of the injury echoing through the arena.

As he crumpled to the floor, Said writhed in agony while medical officials tended to him in front of a shocked crowd.

After a delay of several minutes, he was eventually wheeled out and raised one arm to acknowledge the loud ovation he received from the crowd. 

Several viewers watching on television took to social media to express their shock after the incident was broadcast live, with many detailing the loudness of the 'crack'.

The injury means Said will leave the Olympics prematurely, having also been expected to compete in the men's parallel bars, the individual all-round, the team all-round, floor exercise, rings and the pommel horse.

New Music: A Meazy "Mind Yours"

A Meazy hails from Denver, Colorado and began making music at an early age. He found
his influence and stride through writing rhymes and forming a hip- hop group with his brother Taurean called “The Offense.” The two went on to build a solid following in the Mile High City before branching off to solo careers as affiliated artists of NDE, a crew of progressive MCs, deejays and producers. A Meazy’s debut album “The Real Ned Flanders” was released in January 2015 and was conceptually built
around being “the nicest in the town.”

The independent release went on to garner critical acclaim and catapulted A Meazy to the top of conversations regarding some of the bestrecording artists in Denver.

On a performance level, the tracks from “The Real Ned Flanders,” were made for the stage and A Meazy used the year of 2015 to build his live music resume. Performing for sold out crowds at shows like Rakim, E-40, Public Enemy, Kirko Bangz, Dom Kennedy and more, A Meazy became a fast crowd favorite. The standout track from “The Real Ned Flanders,” “For the Birds,” proved A Meazy’s writing is undeniable and his sound crosses all genres and the track garnered a coveted spot in rotation on Sway in the Morning.

After honing his skills on stage and in front of various audiences and festivals around Colorado, A Meazy is set to release “The Real Ned Flanders 2” on June 28th, 2016. The project follows the MC through the ills and triumphs of being an independent artist while expanding his perspective as an artist in the competitive world of hip-hop. He’s a brilliant writer, dynamic performer and has an authentic personality.

2016 finds A Meazy set to bring his message to the masses through touring and a headlining show at The Bluebird Theater where he’ll get a little help from independent artists specially curated by the NDE crew on July 28th, 2016.

“The Real Ned Flanders 2” is now available on and will be available through all other outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, etc.) on July 28th, 2016. rise-meet- colorado-rap- hope-a- meazy/ is-the- nicest-guy- in-town- on-the- real-ned- flanders-2 real-ned- flanders-2- 1#.V3VIvQftIwY.mailto

Training Camp: Closed to the Public

If you were plan on attending the training camp tomorrow, we have some bad news. Due to a scheduling change, tomorrow’s practice (Wednesday Aug 3rd) is now closed to the public.

Fans who have tickets to tomorrow’s practice may redeem them on one of the following four dates: 

Day 3: Texans Training Camp

Today was another hot one but it did not effect Jalen Strong. He came in today with positive mind on today's practice. Another conditioning day for the team being that it was done in full pads.

OBrien stated some good and bad scenarios were brought to light and stated, "Which thats to be expected, but really proud of this team for really grinding it out". 'Good start today, just gotta keep better everyday".

Obrien also addressed the running back situation with the Texans. He states that Lamar is the running back, and he feels really good with the backs at that position. Which include a variety of fresh legs for the season.

Defense did a look a lil sluggish, but you would be too, with 101 degree heat beating down on you and in full pads. August is Football season BUT, is also Houston's HOT period.

In all O'Brien stated, the team did have some good runs in the red zone but does need to get better. Again we are only Day 3 in Training Camp and the team simply meshing together again.

To see the Pre-Season Schedule of the Texans, visit

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Texans Football is BAAAAACK!


Story by: Dj Keyth 56Grizzly
Pics by : Chris "Excel" Crear 

Today was the first official day of Training Camp for the Houston Texans presented by Xfinity. The squad looked a lil rusty, but thats expected from the time off from the previous season. Coach OBrien and the coaching staff had there hands full scoping out players and getting things in order.

Since today was open to the public, the Texans had fans in the stands and on the sidelines cheering on the team, which provided some positive motivation. Of course, O'Brien had the tunes bumping with a mixture of Pop, Country tunes and of his favorite.....Rick Ross, Push It To limit serenading the field and audience

Mercilus and Cushing looked good for the first day of camp, along with the anticipated performance of Brock Osweiler. The 6ft 6in quarterback ran a few drills that looked promising for the season.

Even though he wasnt suited, the fan favorite, JJ Watt walked out on the field and the fans went craaaaaaazzzyyyyy. If you didnt notice he was being escorted and body guarded by a young man also by the name of Justin, who was also a crowd favorite. Justin is waiting on a heart transplant through the Make A Wish Foundation. He and JJ waved to the fans, played catch and captured the hearts of the spectators.

JJ had back surgery a few days ago, and to still see him interact and show for the 1st day of practice was surreal for a few. And of course was the topic of discussion between the team fans and Coach O'Brien. When ask about if he was going play the first game of the season, JJ responded.... "I cant put a start date on when I will be able to play, but I have never missed a game in 5 years".

So as a supporter and fan, we hope JJ has a speedy recovery and hits the field soon.

Also, during the press conference, Obrien addressed D.Hop sitting out practice by saying,  "I'm very focused on the guys that are out here today, I love coaching the guy and I speak for everybody here when I say he's an exceptional player, and when he comes back he will be thrown right in there".

In case you didnt know D. Hop was holding out for more bread and butter, and in an update headline, he has decided to return to practice so maybe an agreement was met. We will find out at a later date.

All in all it was great start to Training Camp. We hope the season starts off just as great.So now the question is, how confident are the Texans in selecting the 2017 Team. Who will make the cut? Well if you are a fan, you have about 5 more practices that are open to the public to see who will make the final roster. Visit, for more practice dates and how to obtain your tix.

See Full Photo Album from the 1st Camp Day Here:

New Music: SaBrie Tramble

Sabrie has been recording music since she was 13 years old; giving credit to J20 as the first person to record her in Seattle, WA - since then never stopping to record music or pursuing her career goals. Sabrie has a soulful and distinct sound that is not comparable to others.

Her influences include greats such as Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans; their music being very relatable allowing Sabrie to feel the emotions in their songs - only deepening her love and passion for pursuing her music caabrie’s music touches people and her music is relatable which is her ultimate goal; it’s feel good music dealing with real life situations and emotions everyone go through. Sabrie has a strong passion for women empowerment and hopes her music resonates with all types of women. Sabrie is on her way to world-wide recognition and will stand in a category all on her own.

Contact the artist:

New Music: Da-Mind

Da-Mind is a local rap artist out of atlanta ... He moved from south carolina to atlanta to chase his dreams of being a hiphop artist. Da-Mind grew up following 2pac,Scarface, Ice Cube, Rakim and others in the game but now it my time to try and leave a mark on the game ... He brings to you the new  album STILL GOT IT with the lead single PUT YOUR MONEY UP

Floyd's Stripper bill

For all of the money that Floyd Mayweather makes, the retired boxer is always trying to find a way to make sure he’s taking advantage of every tax break possible. In what is certainly a unique way to save money, Mayweather is seeking to write off a 2014 visit to Larry Flint’s Hustler Club in Las Vegas where the fighter allegedly spent more than $20,000 on strippers.
According to documents retrieved by the Daily Mail, Mayweather Promotions LLC sent a 1099 tax form to the strip club and wants the club to pay taxes on the $15,000 in singles thrown into the air and $5,000 he and his crew spent at the club on May 25, 2014.
Obviously, the strip club owner is furious with these claims. Jason Mahoney told the UK publication that he felt “insulted” by Mayweather’s tax bill considering that he’s provided Mayweather’s “The Money Team” free admission, VIP seating and up to 20 bottles of alcohol for free.
“Mayweather came to the club with a large group of friends, we gave them everything, comped bottles, comped seating, comped admission, they basically paid for nothing,” Mahoney said. “We should have given Mayweather a 1099 for $10,000. As you saw on the video, they had a big party enjoying themselves.”
YouTube videos of Mayweather and his entourage at the club do exist, although the amount of cash spent was inflated to $100,000. The 1099 paperwork shows that Mayweather spent a total of $20,323.18. But the bigger issue is that Mahoney says that not a single dime went to the club as the strippers who are independent contractors pocketed a majority of it.
“The reason for doing that is to get a tax write-off, but to me it is falsifying your tax records because he threw the money in the air,” he said. “If he wanted to 1099 somebody he should have gotten the names of all the entertainers he threw the money at.”
The P.R. manager for the club, Leo Mena, has said that Mayweather is no longer welcome to the club and was especially offended that the multi-millionaire didn’t tip the cocktail waitresses.
“The club didn’t receive a dollar of Mayweather’s money from him or his team, the girls collected it all off the floor,” he said. “To top it off he never tipped the waitress who served the drinks.”
Mahoney suggested that Mayweather would be welcomed back to the club if he pays admission and apologizes.
Mayweather’s tax attorney Jeff Morse said that it is possible that the form was issued in error and that this could be rectified if the Hustler Club contacted Mayweather Promotions. But, until then, the tax bill stands.

New Artist Spotlight: The Purge

The Purge is a group that consists of three very experienced and talented artists that have been in the game doing their do. and putting in work with some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry. With the raw talent of Andy Gonzales aka DJ Flipcyide (also an official Wu Tang Clan DJ and a member of Hell Razah Sunz of Man GGO Team) providing sick beats and the solid foundation for the two lyrical assassins (Darell Willis aka D.A. The I.N.M. and Wayne AstroJones Sonnier aka Astro "Jiggy" Jones) to build on; The Purge is one of the most heavy hitting, in your face, triple dose of mind-blowing awesomeness to hit the hip-hop scene in a long time.
With all members being from or currently residing in El Paso, Texas The Purge is reppin hard for the South West. Influenced by many genres of music but mainly hip hop; all members were drawn to the local hip hop scene where they met, and all have become successful. DJ Flipcyide has been in the game for over 24 years working with numerous artists, on many different projects, and has recently won mix tape DJ of the Year, and has numerous other accomplishments. D.A. The I.N.M is considered a legend in the South West Hip Hop scene being so versatile and witty in his style he can spit fire to any beat put in front of him. 

As for Astro "Jiggy" Jones being a super talented emcee with a vocabulary that puts Webster's to shame; as well as being a producer, vocalist, and engineer puts the exclamation point on The Purge being the group to be looking out for in the near future. When you put these three talented men together what do you get you ask yourself? You get one group with the talent and passion to put the hip hop world on it's heels. So hit the lights, bar the windows and barricade the doors!!! The Purge is coming for ya!!!!

The Cleansing the first track off The Album or EP

DJ Flipcyide Links

DA the INM links

Astro "Jiggy" Jones Links

Cavs End Title Drought?

Courtesy of Yahoo Sports
OAKLAND, Calif. – Magnificent. It’s the only word that can describe this spectacular three-game stretch from LeBron James, one that began last Monday in a season-saving win at Oracle Arena, continued with a blowout of Golden State on Thursday and then, this: 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in a 93-89 victory in Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Sunday that clinched the Cavaliers’ first championship in franchise history.
“He was first in everything in the Finals,” said Kyrie Irving, referring to James having more points, rebounds and assists than anyone in this year's edition. “If that’s not a unanimous Finals MVP, he showed it tonight. … That guy led us all year. He knew what it took and how to lead us. We all just took it from there.”
The Cavaliers became the first team to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the Finals and ended Cleveland’s 52-year major professional sports championship drought.
“For us to be able to end this, end this drought, our fans deserve it,” James said. “They deserve it. And it was for them."
In a series marred by lopsided scores, this was tight early. Both teams played to their strengths: Cleveland was physical, bullying Golden State on the boards (48-39) and in the paint (48-28). James – fresh off back-to-back 41-point games – was assertive, racking up 12 points, eight rebounds and five assists in the first half. While all eyes were on Stephen Curry, it was Draymond Green who provided a first-half spark, piling up 22 points – and making all five of his 3-point attempts.
“We didn't win,” Green said. “So we can look at a stat line and say, ‘Oh, he was great or whatever,’ but we didn't win. So that really doesn't matter.”
Green was the only Warriors player who looked comfortable. Curry scored nine points in the first half, but needed eight shots to get them. Klay Thompson was worse. Curry’s sidekick scored five points on 2-of-9 shooting in the first two quarters.

“I didn't play efficient,” Curry said. “I had some good moments, but didn't do enough to help my team win. ... I was aggressive, but in the wrong ways settling. It will haunt me for a while because it means a lot to me to try to lead my team and do what I need to do on the court and big stages. Done it before. Didn't do it tonight.”
Fortunately for Golden State, James received less help. After scoring 64 points the last two games, Irving could muster just nine in the first half. And Kevin Love, desperately in need of a breakout performance, had five points on 1-of-5 shooting.
The battle between James and Curry, already chippy, continued in Game 7. James blocked a Curry layup in the second quarter, lingering in Curry’s vicinity for a few seconds. Curry turned, bumped into James' chest and began barking at the Cavs star. Green interceded, and referee Mike Callahan needed to step in and separate them.
Golden State, which won a record 73 regular-season games, took a seven-point lead into the locker room – a lead Cleveland erased in three minutes. From there, it was a series of runs: a five-point lead for the Warriors; a seven-point lead for the Cavaliers. Irving came alive in the third quarter, pumping in 12 points. Harrison Barnes shook off a rough first half to chip in seven. Golden State took a one-point lead into the fourth quarter.
If the absence of Andrew Bogut wasn’t felt in Game 6, it was in Game 7. Bogut, the Warriors’ starting center, was lost for the season to a knee injury suffered during Game 5, and the Cavaliers took advantage, pounding Golden State on the boards and in the paint in Game 6. Kerr countered with Festus Ezeli in Game 7, but Ezeli (zero points) was ineffective, and Anderson Varejao’s suspect hands effectively forced Golden State to play four-on-five. Midway through the third, Kerr abandoned both, playing small the rest of the way.
“That game was right there for us,” Thompson said. “They just made big plays. It comes down to making plays. It’s that simple.”
The back and forth continued in the fourth. Curry knocked down a three over Tristan Thompson; James responded with a pair of turnarounds. Klay Thompson hit a contested shot over J.R. Smith. James hit back with three free throws. With less than two minutes to go, Andre Iguodalasoared for a transition layup that would have given Golden State a two-point lead. James blocked it, an out-of-nowhere rejection that has become part of his repertoire. Irving drained a three on the other end, and James extended the lead to four with a free throw. A Curry miss – his 13th of the night – sealed it, and the Cavaliers’ bench rushed toward James, Akron’s prodigal son, who delivered the championship he promised when he returned to Cleveland two years ago.

“I came back for a reason,” James said. "I came back to bring a championship to our city. I knew what I was capable of doing.”

Who Is FlakosWorld

New Music

JacMov's sigle "Ridin" featuring DJ Phinisey produced by Tony Rosewood has a deep West Coast feel to it. DJ Phinisey blazes the hook while the smooth lyrics from JacMov light up a vision of a nice summer day. 
notable lyrics: I be riding through the city/ with a little hosididy/ fat booty cool titty's/ just want to be cool with me/ yeah i got the simi/ sharp shooter with the jimmy/ drinking on this henny/ baby rocking fendi.

                  ig @jacmovjayt
                snap chat @jacmovjayt

JacMov is a multi talented artist from Tacoma Washington. He has ties to Houston and Atlanta but is mainly connected with a lot of west coast artist. JacMov has just released his second album "Jac & The Beanstalk" it has already gained a lot of ground in the music industry. Pay close attention to this artist you don't want to be the last one on the bandwagon. 

Texans Release FULL Schedule

See Video Here

TV Network
Kickoff Time 
Aug. 14
at San Francisco 49ers
6:00 p.m.
Aug. 20
7:00 p.m.
Aug. 28
3:00 p.m.
Sept. 1
at Dallas Cowboys
7:00 p.m.

TV Network
Kickoff Time
Sept. 11
Sept. 18
Sept. 22
at New England Patriots
7:25 p.m.
Oct. 2
Oct. 9
at Minnesota Vikings
Oct. 16
7:30 p.m.
Oct. 24
at Denver Broncos
7:30 p.m.
Oct. 30

Nov. 13
at Jacksonville Jaguars
Nov. 21
at Oakland Raiders
7:30 p.m.
Nov. 27
Dec. 4
at Green Bay Packers
Dec. 11
at Indianapolis Colts
Dec. 18
Dec. 24
7:25 p.m.
Jan. 1
at Tennessee Titans

Texans Announce Pre-Season Schedule

Courtesy of

The Houston Texans announced the opponents for their 2016 preseason schedule today, which features a nationally-televised game against the Arizona Cardinals on August 28 (Preseason Week 3) at 3 p.m. CDT. The exact dates and times for the games will be released at a later date.

Houston will open and close the preseason on the road against the San Francisco 49ers (Preseason Week 1) and Dallas Cowboys (Preseason Week 4). The team will play its two home games in Preseason Weeks 2 and 3 against the New Orleans Saints and Arizona Cardinals. It will mark the 10th time in the franchise’s 15 years of play the Texans have had a nationally-televised preseason game.

The Texans will play the San Francisco 49ers in the preseason for the third straight year. It also marks the fourth time the two teams have met in the preseason in the last five years. Houston holds a 3-1 advantage in the series having won last year’s matchup, 23-10, at NRG Stadium. Read FULL article @  

Opponent (Television Network)
Kickoff Time 
Week 1, Aug. 11-15
at San Francisco (KTRK-TV)
Week 2, Aug. 18-22
Sunday, Aug. 28
3 p.m. CDT
Week 4, Sept. 1-2
at Dallas (KTRK-TV)

Villanova VS N. Carolina in the BIG Dance

Courtesy of
HOUSTON --Villanova had a night to remember on both ends of the court.
Buddy Hield had a night to forget.
The Wildcats, setting a record for margin of victory in a NCAA Tournament Final Four semifinal, held Hield to his second-lowest output of the season in a 95-51 
    "That was just one of those nights," Villanova coach Jay Wright said. "I feel bad for Oklahoma."
    He can feel good for his Wildcats (34-5) as they advanced to Monday night's national championship game against the winner of the North Carolina-Syracuse game.
    Josh Hart scored 23 points and his 10-of-12 shooting performance was part of Villanova's 71.4 percent (35 of 49) effort. Villanova missed just five shots in the second half.
    The margin topped the 34-point Final Four wins by Cincinnati over Oregon State in 1962 and Michigan State over Penn in 1979.
    The Wildcats now have four wins in the tournament of at least 19 points, the only close game a 5-point win over overall No. 1 seed Kansas in the Elite Eight.
    Villanova dominated the Sooners (29-8) after an opening 7 minutes that had the teams trading the lead almost every possession.
    The Wildcats broke it open with a 21-4 run. The stats about NRG Stadium being a horrible place to shoot went out the window along with the Sooners' chances at playing for their first title.
    "I definitely think it helped," Wright said of practicing shooting in the dome. "'We're going to be good,' we keep telling them, and I think they believed that."
    The Wildcats, with Hart going 7 for 8, shot 66.7 percent in the first half, including 6 of 11 from 3-point range in taking a 42-28 halftime lead.
    "I wouldn't say it's easy, but when you have guys like (teammates) you can go off any night," Hart said. "When they're aggressive, it helps me. The driving lanes, able to get a couple of shots to fall, when that happens, able to kick out and get some guys some shots."
    As the Wildcats, who won it all in 1985 with the shocking upset of Georgetown, kept making shots, Hield kept missing.
    The unanimous All-America selection was 3 for 8 in the first half, including 1 of 5 from beyond the arc. Hield came into the game shooting 46.5 percent from 3-point range.
    "Just playing defensively as a team ... we contained him," Hart said.
    Hield kept putting on and off his familiar white sleeve on his right arm. It didn't matter as the Sooners absorbed their worst loss of the season.
    The Sooners finished 31.7 percent (19 of 60) for the game.
    "Just credit them for what they were doing. Made it tough on me throwing multiple bodies at me," said Hield, who had six points against West Virginia. "They just played terrific tonight."
    Hield said Villanova was: "one of the best teams I've ever played in college."
    Several Wildcats get credit for the great defense against Hield.
    "We were just loading into him," Mikal Bridges said. "We just tried our best to limit his touches and load to him when he had the ball."
    Kris Jenkins added 18 points for Villanova and Ryan Arcidiacono had 15.
    Jordan Woodard led the Sooners with 12 points.
    Villanova turned the tables from the teams' December meeting with a 21-4 run in the first half.
    The Wildcats made one less 3-pointer in the run than they did in 32 attempts in the 78-55 loss at Pearl Harbor. Bridges, Jenkins and Arcidiacono hit the long jumpers for Villanova and Oklahoma, meanwhile, couldn't get anything going. The Sooners went 4 1/2 minutes without scoring. They committed four turnovers on their first five possessions of the drought
    Hart capped the half for Villanova with a 3-pointer with 8 seconds left that made it 42-28.
    The Wildcats had as many assists (9) as Oklahoma did turnovers. Villanova shot 66.7 percent (18 of 27) while the Sooners were just 12 for 25 (48 percent).
    "I'm happy we had one of those games, we made every shot," Wright said. "Kind of similar to our game in Hawaii against Oklahoma, they made everything, we couldn't make anything.
    "We were dialed in. Played great defensively."
    The teams were as close as you can possibly get in the final AP poll. Villanova was sixth and Oklahoma seventh. Both teams spent time at No. 1 this season.

    Inside-outside job lifts Tar Heels to 83-66 win over Orange

    HOUSTON -- North Carolina's latest step on the way to a title was shaping up as strictly an inside job.
    Out of nowhere, Marcus Paige figured out how to hit from 3-point land and the Tar Heels put an end to any hopes of another Syracuse comeback.
    Using layups, floaters and putbacks -- then, finally, three very timely 3s from Paige -- the Tar Heels outmuscled Syracuse 83-66 on Saturday to move a win away from the program's sixth national title.
    Paige finished with 13 points and Brice Johnson and Justin Jackson led North Carolina (33-6) with 16 apiece, as the Tar Heels, the lone No. 1 seed in the Final Four, beat Jim Boeheim's 10th-seeded Orange for the third time this season and advanced to Monday's title game against Villanova.
    Earlier, the Wildcats made 11 of 18 shots from behind the 3-point line, debunking the theory, first advanced at the cold-shooting Final Four in 2011, that nobody could shoot in Houston's cavernous stadium.
    Then, the Tar Heels, ranked 284th in the country this season from long range, reversed that one-game trend. They bricked up 3 after 3, going 0-for-10 in the first half and barely drawing iron on some of them. Paige opened the second half with North Carolina's 11th straight miss, and for the next 10 minutes, the Tar Heels (33-6) basically ignored the 3-point line.
    Only when Trevor Cooney and Malachi Richardson triggered a 10-0 Syracuse run to trim a 17-point deficit to seven did the Tar Heels start thinking long range again. Paige made three 3s and Theo Pinson hit another to stifle the rally and make Carolina almost respectable from the 3-point line: 4 for 17 for the game.
    Meeks finished with 15 points and eight rebounds, including a paddy cake putback after batting a second offensive rebound to himself off glass. That gave the Heels a 67-53 lead.
    Before Paige found his range, that was how North Carolina built its lead.
    It was a reminder of the days before the 3-point shot was invented, when the way to really beat a zone -- and Boeheim's 2-3 is the best in the game -- was to make blink-of-an-eye passes in and around the paint and crash the offensive glass to take advantage of a defense that doesn't put bodies on bodies when the ball goes up.
    That plan still works these days.
    Early in the second half, Jackson made a jump pass from the corner to the lane, where Paige was waiting and batted the ball with an open hand over to Meeks, who dunked.
    A bit later, Joel Berry got an easy offensive rebound and a layup to put the Tar Heels ahead by 17.
    North Carolina finished with 16 second-chance points on 16 offensive boards.
    Syracuse trailed by 16 in its crazy comeback victory over Virginia last week to make it here. But there was no full-court press that could beat the Heels, and no meltdown awaiting from them either.
    Cooney led the Orange (23-14), the first No. 10 seed to make it to the Final Four, with 22 points. Richardson had 17, but after his 3 trimmed the deficit to seven with 9:48 left, Syracuse couldn't pull closer.