Featured Artist: Lone Starr Jay

Aspiring recording artist and producer, Lone Starr Jay (LSJ), was born November 11, 1989 by the name of Jo’ash Keshone Younger.  Born native to Dallas, Texas, Lone Starr currently resides as president of the nation’s premier independent recording label, Victory League Entertainment.  Back in 2004, at age 14,LSJ made his first appearance, as Lil’ Joe, on the mix-tape 22’S Or Better, released by DJ Nate Quick, former director of K104fm-Dallas radio.  LSJ grew up with an equal love for sports and music, but with time, music became his main priority and eventually his first love.  Growing up in Pleasant Grove, a rough Dallas neighborhood, LSJ began establishing his name with some of his first songs which he recorded in his home’s closet.  After graduating from Skyline High School (TX), LSJ began to grow and mature in his music. Personal experiences transformed LSJ into the artist he is today, more focused on music than ever before. His creative musical talent has gained him a reputation of producing a sound ahead of his time.

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