Ranked #3: The Power of Internet Radio

With the revolution of Internet radio, the delivery of music has spread to

 masses 10 times faster. PowerHits281 was created to be apart of that

 listening delivering process. We are very please to show that we, as an

internet radio station has been ranked #3 in Google search results under

"Houston Hip Hop Radio". For that we say thank you Houston.                            

 There are 100's of internet radio stations and radio shows that use this

same platform that we have beat for this position. To be #3 under

Houston's KBXX 97.9 The Box which holds the #1 spot, and for them

 to be FM, and us internet, is a accomplishment. Now this doesnt mean we give up, but it means we push

harder to respected in this game and format.

So again thank you Houston. Keep Listening and stay tuned in.

We Are Houston #1 Internet Station for HipHop and R/B

Home of the Indie Hits. We are Powerhits281, Houston's #1 Internet Radio Station.Playing a TRUE mix of Indie and Commercial artists. Keeping HTOwn on LOCK.