What's Beef: Keyshia, Ciara & Jhonni Blaze

Shot Shot Shots Shots fired….

Keyshia Cole And Jhonni Blaze Have Twitter Feud
R&B songstress Keyshia Cole and her baller hubby Daniel “Boobie” Gibson have been putting their messy marital issues and troubles on blast via social media for a while now, but Keyshia’s most recent semi-subliminal jab at her husband has brought popular Houston pole-magician Jhonni Blaze into the mix.

Keyshia took to her Twitter & Instagram earlier this week to seemingly air out her hubby once again and even went as far as to tell his alleged mistress, who was at one point rumored to be a stripper  from Houston, that she can have him.

Well, Jhonni is apparently friends with the girl in question and jumped to her defense…..and Keyshia’s demise….once word got out that Keyshia was firing subliminal shots.  So Jhonni decided take aim....See Below


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