Written By: Dj Keyth

Sky Trues 
Behind the Lens of Success

Earlier this month (March 2014), George "Goldenboy" Phelps was featured in Young Houston Magazine and their Issue launch Party at Helfman Fiat. Goerge has been taking Houston by storm with his custom hand painted eyewear labeled, Sky Trues.

His creativity was destined to be showcased to the world, considering how he came up with Sky Trues. With the attention of local and national artists, such as Paul Wall, Bun B,Waka Flocka, Rich Homie Quan, and countless others, George's creativity will leave you speechless .

When you meet him in person, you will instantly recognize, the faith that he has for his artistic expression along with his testimony that he GLADLY shares. His deliverance of his product is spoke with nothing of a soft voice. He has a commanding presence, along with that "It" factor about him that simply screams, I WILL NOT LOSE. And you have to respect it.

Sky Trues are more than eye wear, it is George's artistic expression from life experiences. Along with his custom glasses, he paints some exquisite pieces of canvas work. You can say he is an urban modern day Picasso. Bold statement? Possibly, But a well deserved comparison. When you see his artwork, whether glasses or canvas, with every stroke you can see his creative passion. To order a pair of Sky Trues, contact George directly @ (832)273-2811

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