When it Smiles it Gets Attention

If you havent heard the single "Smile" from Beatking, then you must be sleeping under a rock. The single has taken legs and is on the move.....FAST. I think this is the first single that took off just as fast on the radio as majority of Beatking's other singles in the Club.

From Studewood, Beatking, has been choke holding the scene since his induction of "Crush" a few years back which has since kept the momentum and I doubt has no plans on stopping.

The track is very different in sound from The Club God's normal sound, which is a good thing. He slowed down the tempo, and made a track for the ladies to grind to and the thugs to get slapped while feeling on the chicks ass in the club while grindin with her. LOL! Expect to see this track on PLENTY of slowjam mixtapes leading into the Summer.

The single Features FatPimp which was produced by Mr.Lee. If you have been living in outerspace and havent heard it, then take a listen below.


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