Cash Money Could Lose Some Cash Money

In this digital age, having a heavy  online presence is a key component to success in the music industry but according to a new lawsuit, Lil Wayne’s Young Money camp may be in danger of losing a part of their web presence. The label struck a deal to buy the domain from a company that used it as a portal for young entrepreneurs. As part of the 2011 deal, YMCMB had to make on time payments of the $600,000 purchase or face forfeiting the domain. The suit claims the label hasn’t paid the $250,000 balance and the seller wants the domain back.
As of now Wayne or YMCMB haven’t commented on the suit. Weezy might be a bit on the busy side being that he’s currently getting ready to hit the road with his protege Drake for the Drake Vs Lil Wayne tour that kicks off Aug. 8. And just last week Weezy also announced the signing of his daughter Regiane Carter to Young Money.

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