Bengals Fan Gets The Last Laugh

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Remember the female Cincinnati Bengals fan who had a game ball snatched away from her by an ornery New Orleans Saints fan in the Superdome? You know, the one who seemingly got elbowed by an old man as he wrestled away a pass from tight end Jermaine Gresham aimed at the only Bengals fan in the vicinity of his touchdown?
Well, she got the last laugh on "NFL AM."
"I think I first just said, 'Seriously?'" said Christa Barrett, the displaced Bengals fan who moved from Cincy to New Orleans this past summer, "because I was just so surprised. Afterwards, the video of me pleading for the ball was basically just me and my sister asking, 'Hey, can we just get a picture with it?' My sister told him, 'I'm a good Christian woman. I won't steal your ball. I promise.'"
Tony Williams, 70, expressed "zero remorse" for not letting the two women near the ball when interviewed by the CBS crew, but a Saints employee delivered them another pigskin later in the game. Barrett's Bengals, of course, went on to win, 27-10, and afterward Gresham reached out to Christa's sister on Twitter.
Meanwhile, Williams is sticking to his story in an interview with WGNO-TV, likening his tussle with Barrett to battling for beads at Mardi Gras. There's a joke in there somewhere about wrestling women for beads.
"When it comes our way, we jockey for the ball," Williams told the local TV station. "That's it. She was pleading for me to give her the ball, and I said, 'No, ma'am, I'm keeping the ball.'"
The man's wife even backed her husband's actions. "It’s a free for all, something like with Mardi Gras," she said. "When a coconut is tossed or beads are tossed everybody goes for it."
And in my day, we didn't have footballs. We had coconuts. That's the way it was and we liked it.
In the end, Barrett said she "feels terrible for the guy," and hopes the backlash isn't too bad for Williams.

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