Power Artist: Auston Martin

Auston Martin searched high and low for a reason to stand out, he fought hard to distinguish himself from the ordinary and he soon discovered his angle...

Auston had always been a car and bike fanatic, his passion for high speed and women was paralleled only by one other man; James Bond.

Martin quickly realized his similarities to the Bond character and he began branding himself as the music industry’s James Bond – his sound, his style and his suave were at maximum threshold and he was more than ready to show the world what he had to offer.

When asked about his music and his recent success Auston said:
“I want to show women all around the world that not only can I be what you need, but I will also be what you want, it’s about empowering the most beautiful thing on earth; the female, and I want every girl in the world to know that Auston Martin is all about you”.

Prepare to be entertained and inspired, the music industry will never be the same again. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life, this is your introduction to

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