Stand Off: 2Chainz VS Nancy Grace **VIDEO**

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz went head-to-head with HLN host Nancy Grace over the legalization of marijuana in this country. Grace opened the segment by chastising 2 Chainz’s video for “Birthday Song” and then asked her guest how he could support decriminalizing weed after hearing about stories of parents apparently making their children smoke cannabis.
“From the story I just heard you talk about, they had alcohol included which we all know causes you to black out, forget things and have memory loss,” responded Chainz. “I don’t think you can put an umbrella on the whole community off these few incidents that you just named.”
Grace then addresses what she sees as the Def Jam artist’s lyrics advocating a “different kind of lifestyle” that little children should not be exposed to. Chainz told the former attorney that people need to “govern their own household.”
After being told to watch a video of a mother making her daughter smoke marijuana, Chainz said, “I feel like [the mother] was irresponsible, a bonehead. That was an imbecile move. Anybody that loves their kid, definitely knows not to put them in harm’s way. So I don’t agree with that at all. She may have mental issues. It might be something deeper than a joint.”
2 Chainz also connects the legalization of pot to the criminal justice system and taxation. He points out the fact that many convicted felons are now unable to get loans just because of arrests for weed related charges. Grace even agrees with him about the “waste of tax payers money” in his own personal legal situation over .01 residue of marijuana.


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