SG Jonez **New Music**

My name is Christopher Jones a.k.a SG Jonez. There is no elaborate resume of my music career. There is no following of thousands of fans. Drugs and alcohol played a major part in the downfall of my once dream of being a successful rap artist.

Now clean 6 years and self employed 4 years. I own a moving company Chris Moves out of Woodland Ca. I started recording again and listening to other artist out there and the realization came to me that i'm still the best at what I do. I don't know if I continue to

rap because of the void that was never filled or because there is no heart in individuals who rap now a days but whatever the case may be, that passion and once dream is still alive within me and no longer can I ignore it. You can find more of my songs on Reverbnation and Soundclick. I'm currently seeking opportunities for soundtracks, mixed cds and or a distribution deal. Thanks for any help and or advice.

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