New Artist Spotlight: The Purge

The Purge is a group that consists of three very experienced and talented artists that have been in the game doing their do. and putting in work with some of the biggest names in the hip hop industry. With the raw talent of Andy Gonzales aka DJ Flipcyide (also an official Wu Tang Clan DJ and a member of Hell Razah Sunz of Man GGO Team) providing sick beats and the solid foundation for the two lyrical assassins (Darell Willis aka D.A. The I.N.M. and Wayne AstroJones Sonnier aka Astro "Jiggy" Jones) to build on; The Purge is one of the most heavy hitting, in your face, triple dose of mind-blowing awesomeness to hit the hip-hop scene in a long time.
With all members being from or currently residing in El Paso, Texas The Purge is reppin hard for the South West. Influenced by many genres of music but mainly hip hop; all members were drawn to the local hip hop scene where they met, and all have become successful. DJ Flipcyide has been in the game for over 24 years working with numerous artists, on many different projects, and has recently won mix tape DJ of the Year, and has numerous other accomplishments. D.A. The I.N.M is considered a legend in the South West Hip Hop scene being so versatile and witty in his style he can spit fire to any beat put in front of him. 

As for Astro "Jiggy" Jones being a super talented emcee with a vocabulary that puts Webster's to shame; as well as being a producer, vocalist, and engineer puts the exclamation point on The Purge being the group to be looking out for in the near future. When you put these three talented men together what do you get you ask yourself? You get one group with the talent and passion to put the hip hop world on it's heels. So hit the lights, bar the windows and barricade the doors!!! The Purge is coming for ya!!!!

The Cleansing the first track off The Album or EP

DJ Flipcyide Links

DA the INM links

Astro "Jiggy" Jones Links

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