Day 3: Texans Training Camp

Today was another hot one but it did not effect Jalen Strong. He came in today with positive mind on today's practice. Another conditioning day for the team being that it was done in full pads.

OBrien stated some good and bad scenarios were brought to light and stated, "Which thats to be expected, but really proud of this team for really grinding it out". 'Good start today, just gotta keep better everyday".

Obrien also addressed the running back situation with the Texans. He states that Lamar is the running back, and he feels really good with the backs at that position. Which include a variety of fresh legs for the season.

Defense did a look a lil sluggish, but you would be too, with 101 degree heat beating down on you and in full pads. August is Football season BUT, is also Houston's HOT period.

In all O'Brien stated, the team did have some good runs in the red zone but does need to get better. Again we are only Day 3 in Training Camp and the team simply meshing together again.

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