NO presents under the Tree for The Rockets

After going on a 14 game winning streak the Rockets lost its third consecutive game.
Probably one of the most entertaining games of the day, it was back to back war on the court. The highest any team led by was about eight points and every possession crucially counted. 
The game started off as a battle between Adams and Capela.  Not only missing last Friday’s game he also missed 2 crucial Free throws in the 4th.  even though ended the game with 19 points and 10 rebounds, he has to work diligently on knocking down those free throws. Somebody bring Olajuwan in the help this kid. He is a terror down in the paint but a terrible at the line. If he gets that mastered, owweee, watch out! Capela is force in the making.
Both teams entered the fourth quarter at 88 a piece. The defense began to get tough like over cooked turkey on Thanksgiving day. The OKC crowd got super rowdy. OThe Thunder went on a 9-2 run for about three minutes to the lead by four. 
With the tennis match of trading shot back and forth, Capela and Ariza  missing key shots, the Rockets went on to lose 107-112 without CP3. Hopefully Chris Paul will be back for the game against Boston to end the losing streak. 

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